Higher Power

Alone, unowned, I loathe

How could I?
Why can’t I?
Who am I?
How will I?

Withdrawn, gone, I long
My god

Where was he?
How will he?
Why would he?
Can he really?

Tread, trip, I try

He catched me!
More than matched me!
Because he loves me!
Really, wholly!


This poem came out of the topic of grace. As I make mistakes throughout my life, it’s easy to get lost in my own self, my issues, my imperfections. When I catch a glimpse of grace — godly or otherwise — it can still be hard to grab hold of it as I doubt its reality and whether it’s really there for me.

Grace — or leeway, forgiveness, mercy — is a sweet gift.

I’d also like to try an edit of this without the male-deity language. I think it might feel more applicable to the range of my experiences with grace.