Giving is hard for me
There, I said it
Fear and scarcity
They get the better of me

What if times get tough?
What if I need more?
Is there really enough?

I’ve seen it happen
Folks fall flat
Tight ropes slacken
Open hatches, now they’re battened

But if I’m scared
With all I have
What of the unprepared?


When I tried to write this poem about giving, I felt drawn to speak to some of the anxieties and worries that I’ve found myself fighting against when deciding where, when, and how much to give. While giving can feel hard to me, I know that I live such a privileged life, and that my worries often pale in seriousness when compared to those with more pressing and acute needs. Oddly enough, taking a moment to acknowledge my own fears and worries has helped me to push past them and find a greater capacity to give — 🙏 but I’m still a work in progress.