Dad, you’re ridiculous!
But really, other kids should be jealous

When you point your toe
Poke out your head, and somehow let go
I feel it deep within me, rising
from my belly, a surprising

Up comes your knee
Wings for arms, your elbows protrude
as your chin tucks tightly
Your whole body exudes

Ostrich? But that’s ridiculous!
Like I said, others kids should be jealous


I wrote this poem from the joint perspective of myself and my kiddos. You see my dad has long done this ridiculous ostrich walk thing — he’s done it at home, on a stage at church, and I’m sure at some other random locations. The ostrich walk is both incredibily ridiculous and awesome at the same time — my siblings and I all love it!

As my kids got a little older, I introduced them to my best attempt at the ostrich walk and it turned out to be a hit with the next generation too 🤣. So every now and again my kiddos ask me to do it, sometimes as I’m walking out of their room at bedtime!

Heck, the other day Holly & Greta had a friend over, and — believe it or not — they asked me to do the ostrich walk for their friend! Wonderfully, they’re still young enough to take pride in their dad’s ridiculousness, but I’m sure that will fade over the next few years. For now I’m soaking it up, and laying the ostrich on thick.