Photo of Conor Muirhead from the shoulder's up πŸ‘‹
Hi, I'm Conor!

Just shipped my first Rewatch project β€” a bundle of search upgrades. Feeling really excited about the next feature I’ve been working on!

Closing out my first full week back at work, I’m feeling really good about things. It’s a ton of fun jumping into a new product and having tons of things to do!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm rebuilding this site at the moment, and doing it live so I don't get stuck obsessing over anything too long! I've started by bringing over my old posts on money, and some of my new poetry. Soon I'll be sharing some work case studies and other writing.

If you'd like to chat, I'm on email and Twitter.

In early 2021, my family and I started writing poems on the weekend as part of our soul work. Each week we'd pick a topic, write poems, and share them with each other. Despite being a total amateur, I've found a lot of enjoyment in communal writing and sharing of poetry. In that spirit, I share these hoping they might speak to you, or invite you to write a stanza or two.